VMC v2.1306 available

Wireless Network Bug Fix

I have just added an update that fixes a bug stopping the script from launching for those using a wireless network.

Download the update now!

If you have previously donated and have both wired & wireless network connections in your pc, you may need to send me a new code to re-enable your power tools. There will be no charge for this!

VMC v2.129 available


  • Fixed “Unable to convert: “” to type: BooleanClass” bug
  • Fixed “Turn off store with ir map” for vraylights (Power Tools)
  • Fixed “Turn off reflect on back side” button (Power Tools)
  • Fixed “All proxys to point” (Power Tools)
  • Added “Remove selection’s materials” (Power Tools)

Get the VMC Script

Please let me know if you find any bugs!

VMC Script Help

The VMC script is really easy to use, just follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time!

Let’s assume you need to set the glossiness of reflections for all VRayMtls on the selected objects.

  1. Set “Choose what to work on:” to VRayMtl.
  2. Set “Choose property:” to “reflection_glossiness”. The property names in this list are defined by Chaos. Most are obvious but some take a bit of time to find!
  3. Enter the new value. The type of property is detected from boolean (on/off), colour, Float (numbers with decimal points) or Integer (whole numbers).
  4. Apply the change using buttons to the whole scene, selection, Medit ball range or the active slot. The last 2 are for the original material editor – pre “Slate”.

A few pointers:

Take care when changing properties that are displayed as drop-down lists and radio button in the Max GUI.  The first item is set with 0, using the integer field, the second with 1 and so on. Take care that you do not set a value that exceeds the number of options in the original property. This can lead to unexpected behaviour – use with caution!

Hidden properties may be listed in the “Property To Change:” list. Changing these can lead to unexpected results.

Subdiv Reset:

Set the subdiv spinner to the new value, tick the stuff you want to reset and press scene.

Batch Mode:

  • Pick Folder… Choose the working folder to get max files from.
  • Sub-folders? Include all sub-folders found in the working folder.
  • New Destination: Saves the modified Max files to the path chosen by clicking destination.
  • Subdiv Reset: Apply subdiv settings (Global Subdiv Reset section) to all max files found.
  • Apply Property: Apply property setup (first section of script) to all max files found.
  • Repath Maps: Repath any missing maps to the same folder as the max file. Requires Relink Bitmaps
  • Apply Settings to Max Files Run Batch Mode!

This is a new tool so please let me know if you find any bugs!

If you are stuck or find a bug, please get in touch with an email, tweet or leave a comment.


VMC v2.1 released

Fixed the long standing “Unknown property: “subdivs” in Free Rectangle.” bug in the subdiv reset.
Added an auto update option for the script so you can always be up to date.
Subdiv reset now applies your BF GI setting (if checked) to all of your RPManager passes if installed.
Hooked up the bitmaptexture functionality. There are now 3 classes you can work on that should cover nearly everything: StandardUVGen for changing blur and tiling etc. StandardTextureOutput for changing clamp and output amounts etc and bitmaptexture for most other stuff like filtering.


Get the VMC Script

VMC Feature Requests

I have been working on an update to the VMC script that will iron out a few bugs – like the Unknown property: “subdivs” in Free Rectangle.

I am also adding a few more features for donors, like defaults and a tool to set the cutoff to 0.001 for scene/selected Vraymtls and lights.

Now is a good time to get in touch if you have any features you would like to see included or have spotted any bugs.

I hope to post the update in the next 2 weeks.